Harkstead Bells

BellsHarkstead Church has 6 bells ranging from the 4cwt treble to the 8cwt tenor. The oldest bell dates from 1611.

Originally there were 5 bells in the tower. In 1983 these bells were removed and taken to Whitechapel Bell Foundry for refurbishment. The tenor was recast and the bells reinstated with the addition of a new treble, thus creating a ring of 6.

Although there are bells in churches primarily for the purpose of calling people to worship, bell ringing is also a fascinating hobby. Children can be taught to ring from the age of about 10 years, and many people are still ringing in their eighties.

Change ringing, which is done in few places outside the British Isles, consists of changing the order in which the bells are rung, in a predetermined pattern. These patterns are known as methods. There are many of these methods, ranging from simple to very complex.

We ring at Harkstead on Sunday mornings for the service. We do not have a practice during the week at the moment but if anyone is interested in learning to ring please contact Janet Looser on 01473 328649 or use the contact us page.